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5 Inch Gauge Mineral Ore Wagon

Mineral Ore Wagon , metal construction, new and Weathered, lovely wagon.

Reference: 5 Inch Gauge ore Wagon
Price: £550


5 Inch Gauge GWR Macaw.h D.Bogie Bolster Wagon

5 Inch gauge GWR Macaw.H Double Bogie Bolster Wagon Scratch built, not used, complete with carrying box and Goods Pipes.

Reference: Bolster Wagon
Price: £750


5 Inch Gauge 5 Plank Wagon (Private Owners)

Scratch Built 5 Plank Wagon Jack Hardy (Cardiff) Coal Wagon unused. Brakes workng .

Reference: Private Owners Wagon
Price: £600


5 Inch Gauge 13T Sand Wagon

13 Tn Sand Wagon professionally Weathered , new and unused.

Reference: 13 tn Sand Wagon
Price: £400


5 Inch gauge 7 Plank Wagon Private Owners

7 Plank Wagon (Private owners) working open end coal wagon,  with working brakes, transport box, AH Rance  Coal Merchants Chesham.

Reference: Coal Wagon
Price: £650


5 Inch gauge GWR shunter wagons

scratch built with working brakes, vacuum pipes, buffers and open tool box etc. includes transport box.

Reference: 5 inch gauge Shunter wagon
Price: £500


5 Inch Gauge GWR Cattle Wagon

Scratch Built Gwr Cattle Wagon , animals included, carrying box, working Brakes.

Reference: 5 inch gauge Cattle wagon.
Price: £700


5 Inch Gauge 7 Plank Coal Wagon (water feed)

Scratch Built 7 Plank LMS Coal Wagon, has water container installed inside the coal wagon, working water valve on the front of the wagon. working brakes

Reference: 7 plank wagon.
Price: £600