You can view a list of our model locomotives and related items below. If you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to call us.


5 Inch Gauge 12 Ton van

12 Ton Van with vented Ends, stell construction open doors both sides, working brakes.

Reference: 12 ton Van
Price: £700


5 Inch Gauge LMS one plank wagon

LMS wagon, pipes with chains, working brakes, transport box.

Reference: lms one plank wagon
Price: £500


5 Inch Gauge GWR Toad Brake Van.

Scratch built Toad GWR  Brake van, no brakes

Reference: GWR toad brake van
Price: £500


5 Inch Gauge 7 Plank open end coal Wagon

New Scale Open End Coal Wagon, Barton & Coy, workig brakes, never used, transport box.

Reference: Coal Wagon Barton # Coy Wagon
Price: £700


5 Inch gauge Saxa Salt

New Scale Saxa Salt Wagon, working Brakes, detail & weathered roof, comes with transportation box.

Reference: Saxa Salt Wagon
Price: £750


GWR 40 TON Bogie coal truck

An awesome GWR 40 ton bogie coal truck used to carry coal . Heavy and dummy Welsh Steam Coal on top of the wagon, with working Brakes and Scale body and brakes.

Reference: 40-ton GWR coal wagon
Price: £800


5 Inch Gauge (Pansy) Pannier Tank

Nicely built 5 Inch Gauge Pannier Tank locomotive, LBSC design, got all the added detail sand boxes and pipes and steam pipes Twin Injector. Currently Boiler ticket and previous tickets. Current Ticket, Ran at Brents Railway

Reference: 5 Inch Gauge Pannier
Price: £5,450


3 1/2 Inch Gauge GWR Saint Class Locomotive

3 1/2 Inch gauge Saint Class locomotive Exhibiton Model, beautiful locomotive and looks just like the real full size, rivet rivet detail second to none, built using his own drawings off a fag Packet and works drawings, ex works Paint Excellent Museum Piece the locomotive  all boiler tested all  tickets for steam and hydraulic  to run for anyone who dares Wins!!!

Reference: 3 1/2 Inch gauge Saint Class
Price: £7,000