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5 Inch Gauge 5xp Jubilee


5 Inch Gauge Winson kit-built three-cylinder LMS Jubilee (Sothern Rhodesia), much modified from the original design to produce a reliable runner which has been in regular club use.

Reference: 5 Inch Gauge 5xp Locomotive
Price: POA


7 1/4 Inch Gauge Royal Scot (Vulcan) Locomotive

7 1/4 Inch Gauge Royal Scot (Vulcan)Locomotive in full Size built at Newton Ly Willows Vulcan works built to a high Stanard and runs very well good performer on the track and ideal  for regular use.

Locomoitve will be listed shortly with Pictures , Silver soldered Copper Boiler with SuperHeaters , Twin Steam Injectors, Tender Hand Pump, Steam/ Vaccum Brakes.

Reference: 7 1/4 Inch Gauge Royal Scot
Price: £20,000


5 inch gauge Simplex

Simplex built to (Martyn Evans design) this loco has Silver Soldered copper Boiler with Axle pump, Steam Injector, Hand Pump, Brand New nice club running engine.

Reference: 5 inch gauge Simplex
Price: £3,750


5 Inch Gauge Stirling Single Locomotive

An ancient model of Patrick Stirling's glorious 8 foot single, the original designed and built for the Great Northern Railway in the late nineteenth century and a leading protagonist in the "Race to the North" pitted against the London, North Western's Precursors. No.1 is still preserved at the NRM - well worth a visit if only to go and see the most beautiful engine ever built

Reference: 5 inch Stirling single
Price: £8,500


5 inch gauge 94 xx Maxitrak Tank engine.

Maxitrak tank engine lovely model steams very well, the ex owner now running to a tender locomotive, usual specifications as the tank engine is provided as a kit. 


Reference: 5 inch gauge 94 xx
Price: £4,250


5 Inch Gauge Class 66

A new, unused Class 66 battery-electric by Abbotts Model Engineers in the DB Schenker. Drive is by four motors with 24 volt 4QD controller batteries included and charger.

Reference: 5 Inch gauge class 66
Price: £2,600


5 Inch Gauge Alice Hunslet


"Alice" as originally built, and comes in the livery quoted on the Hunslet order, Painted Midland Railway colour throughout.  She comes with virtually everything that was present on the full size engine.

Reference: 5 Inch Gauge Alice
Price: £2,350


5 Inch Gauge R Class Tank Engine


This long lived class of tank engines started life in the 1880s as the South Eastern's R class. They were designed by James Sterling and originally had a simple low cab and no dome. They were the first South Eastern locomotives built specifically for shunting and light freight duties with some 25 being produced.

Reference: 5 Inch gauge R1 class
Price: £4,250