Polly 1V Tender Locomotive

Polly 1V Tender Locomotive

Ref: Polly 1V Tender locomotive

Polly 1V Tender Locomotive built from a Kit lovely Tender engine, included are  transportation Boxes. Built from the Drawings provided by MJ Clark . Pictures taken in the rain.

 ran at Thames Ditton MES club,

  • Silver Soldered copper boiler
  • Axle pump with by pass valve
  • Mechanical oil Pump
  • Tender Hand Pump
  • Injector
  • blower
  • Quadrant lever forward and reverse


Reference:Polly 1V Tender locomotive
Model Number:SD.11
Year Built:2002
Gauge:5 Inch Guge
Boiler Certificate:Yes
Steam Test:yes
Hydraulic Test:yes
Polly 1V
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Polly 1V Polly 1V Polly 1V Polly 1V Polly 1V Polly 1V