Engines & Locomotives

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3 1/2 Inch Gauge GWR Saint Class Locomotive

3 1/2 Inch gauge Saint Class locomotive Exhibiton Model, beautiful locomotive and looks just like the real full size, rivet rivet detail second to none, built using his own drawings off a fag Packet and works drawings, ex works Paint Excellent Museum Piece the locomotive  all boiler tested all  tickets for steam and hydraulic  to run for anyone who dares Wins!!!

Reference: 3 1/2 Inch gauge Saint Class
Price: £7,000



5 Inch Gauge Simplex locomotive built by Barry Pursel , great steamer and club runner built with Graffite PTFE Slide Valves and Graffite Regulator.

  • steam Injector
  • hand pump
  • Design (Martyn Evans)
  • blower
  • one Sight Water Gauge
  • blow down valve

Reference: 5 inch gauge simplex
Price: £4,150


5 Inch Gauge Britannia (Model Works)

5 Inch gauge Model Works Britannia, good runner , cylinders fitted with Clupett rings , good loco fitted with extra detail.


  • tender hand pump
  • axle pump
  • steam injector
  • added detail
  • super heaters.
  • Nothern Federation certs (current)

Reference: 5 Inch Gauge Brit
Price: POA


5 Inch Gauge 9f Evening Star locomotive

Scratch Built Evening Star locomotive built from works drawings, the locomotive built Engineer uisng his own researches and made his own patterns wheels, cylinders, built over 4 years, the locomotive steam only a few times Mainly used as a  display locomotive.

Built with the following

Reference: 9f evening star.
Price: POA


7 !/4 Inch Gauge Class 20

7 1/4 Inch gauge Class 20 Scratch built, no kit all built from Scratch lovely model, pwerfull engine, two New Batteries and Charger, hand controller with dead mans handle, details locomotive and very fast and powerful.

Reference: 7 1/4 inch gauge class 20
Price: £2,700


5 Inch Gauge Alice (Maxitrak)

5 Inch Gauge Alice (Maxitrak) Factory built by Maxitrak, ex work Mint Condtion.

Amongst the various types of quarry Hunslet the smallest and most common is the Alice.

Reference: 5 Inch Gauge Alice (Maxitrak)
Price: £2,950


5 Inch Gauge Planet

5 Inch Gauge Planet (Maxitrak) factory built hardly used, as new mint condition, great for ground level tight curves.

Planet is based on the 2ft gauge light industrial locomotives manufactured by F.C. Hibbard and Co at their Park Royal works in London. The model features an all steel bonnet and full cab and incorporates the distinctive Planet radiator and makers plates.

Reference: 5 Inch gauge Planet
Price: £650


7 1/4 Inch Gauge Ruston 2

Maxitrak 7 1/4 Inch gauge Ruston 2 The chassis runs on sealed ball race bearings and has a rubber and spring suspension. Controls come mounted in the cab but can be extended to a remote hand set as an extra.

A loud horn comes as standard with a twin tone horn set as an option. Other extras include headlamp, battery condition meter, sound system, and graphics or name plates.

Reference: 7 1/4 inch gauge Rushton
Price: £1,150