Engines & Locomotives

You can view a list of our model locomotives and related items below. If you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to call us.

7 1/4 Inch Gauge 14xx GWR Tank locomotive


7 1/4 Inch gauge  Great Western 0-4-2T to Martin Evans' "Dart" design, built to an excellent standard by a retired professional engineer, t

Reference: 7 1/4 INCH GAUGE Edaville
Price: POA

5 Inch Gauge Virginia 4-4-0 locomotive

Scratch built, 5 Inch Gauge Virginia locomotive built by a Tool Make , made his own patterns cylinders and wheels, very nicely built and to very good standard, it has no tender but we can build make one for you. It has axle pump, no injector, engine complete and runs well on Air.

Reference: sd.1.1a
Price: £3,450

5 Inch Gauge Large Pannier Tank

5 Inch Gauge Large Pannier tank version , one off version lovely locomotive professionally built excellent runner , 9400 class  last pannier tanks in full size to be built at Swindon Works   , twin steam injectors , hand pump and axle pump , tools fire irons , southern fed certificates 

Reference: SD.056
Price: POA


Scratch built 3 1/2 Inch Gauge CANADIAN NATIONAL 2-8-2 Exhibition Model, this very fine and well built model and built to run, all the added detail as the full size locomotive and certainly looks the part on the track, long as some 5 inch guge Pacifics locomotives, got easy controls for running, twin water injectors operative valves positon on the rear top fo the tender , and side action Ha

Reference: 3 1/2 INCH GAUGE 2-8-2
Price: POA

7 1/4 Inch gauge Edaville Don Young's design


7 1/4 inch gauge Edaville  7 to Don Young's "Lucky 7" design, built in 2004 , 

Silver Solder copper boiler, working pressure 100psi. Feed by injector and steam pump (Hydrostatic lubricator fitted in cab) with double-acting hand pump in bunker. Steam pump on the running boards, 

Reference: 7 1/4 Inch gauge Edaville
Price: POA

5 Inch Gauge Hymek Locomotive.

Nice Kit built Hymek locomotive, nicely painted with cab details, buffer detail kit with all the vacuumm pipes , Sound System , nice compact locomotive ideal for trasnportation.


Reference: 5 Inch gauge Hymek
Price: £1,650


1 1/6 Scale 5" Inch gauge Ivatt Atlantic 4-4-2 design by H.Clarson (Senior Design) of York, The larage Boildered Ivatt Altantics of G.N.R as in service in L.N.E.R days when they had been superheated, were amongst the most famour locomotives of all time, renowned for their reliability and capacity for hard work, they were ture Atlantics in as much as they had the 4-4-2 wheel arr

Price: £8,850