Engines & Locomotives

You can view a list of our model locomotives and related items below. If you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to call us.

5 Inch Gauge Stanier Tank Engine

5 Inch Gauge Stanier Tank Engine In LMS Lined Red/Black long and Powerful Locomotives, built with Twin Water Axle Pumps with By Pass valve position on the rear tank , Twin Water Injectors, Hand Pump, Twin Blow Downs, Added Detail, attactive and powerful easy tank engine to use.

Price: £11,250

5 inch gauge king Edward locomotive.

New arrival 5 inch gauge king 

Price: POA

5 Inch Gauge Horwich Crab

Arriving soon 5 Inch Gauge Horwich Crab commission build. 


Please email for enquries beautiful attractive locomotive to Don Young design by Norman Lowe. 



Price: POA

3 1/2 Inch Gauge Caribou Locomotive.l

A largely complete Running   0-8-0 locomotive  to Martin Evans' "Caribou" design for a Canadian Switcher. Typical of American practice with heavy-duty bar frames, the engine is a powerful eight-coupled design, very strong and a good running powerfull 3 1/2 inch gauge.

Reference: 3 1/2 inch gauge Caribou
Price: £2,500

5 INCH GAUGE (SECR) P Class 0-6-0

Scratch built  5 Inch Gauge 0-6-0 Tank engine  P Class Locomotive built using works drawings and the engineers own reseraches  from the preserved tank engines, made his own patterns for the wheels and cylinders and fabricated all other parts and steam only a few times  on completion , lovely and one off scratch built locomotive and very attractive.

Reference: 5 INCH GAUGE P CLASS 0-6-0
Price: £5,750

3 1/2 inch gauge Jenny Lind locomotive

Fine built 3 1/2 Inch Gauge LBSC Jenny Lind locomotive, built by engineer and used for display steam only a few times, lovely engine built to a high standard.

Reference: 3 1/2 INCH GAUGE JENNY LIND
Price: £3,550

5 Inch Gauge (Virginia) 4-4-0 AMERICAN LOCOMOTIVE

A finely built 5 inch gauge Virginia 4-4-0 Locomotive, Ex works never used only been used for display , paintwork is well done and in as-new condition ex works-  the locomotive runs beautifully and remains in excellent condition throughout.

Reference: 4-4-0V VIRGINIA locomotive
Price: £3,950


1 1/6 Scale 5" Inch gauge Ivatt Atlantic 4-4-2 design by H.Clarson (Senior Design) of York, The larage Boildered Ivatt Altantics of G.N.R as in service in L.N.E.R days when they had been superheated, were amongst the most famour locomotives of all time, renowned for their reliability and capacity for hard work, they were ture Atlantics in as much as they had the 4-4-2 wheel arr

Price: £8,850