5 Inch Gauge N2 0-6-2 Tank Engine

5 Inch Gauge N2 0-6-2 Tank Engine

Ref: Don Youngs N2 Tank



Scratch built N2 0-6-2 Tank engine (Don Young's design)  lovely locomotive built by a Club member of the Colchester Model Engineers using own researches as shown in his builders portfolio; exceptionally built with a fine detail back head and is a nice size engine both for Passenger Hauling and Transporting; powerful and built with correct Stephensons valve gear; Balanced Slide Valves , vacuum fitted brakes,  rear  Cartazzi axleboxes.  The locomotive comes complete with Current Boiler Certificates and Carrying Case.

1. In 1919 Gresley considered a number of possible designs for a new suburban tank engine, including an improved 0-6-2T, a 2-6-2T, and a 2-6-4T. The improved 0-6-2T was accepted for development, although it is interesting to note that Gresley would later design a 2-6-2T (V1) and his successor, Thompson, would design a 2-6-4T (L1) both for heavier suburban and branch work. The new design was based on the N1, but featured larger diameter cylinders, piston valves, a superheated boiler, and a greater water capacity. The piston valves were positioned above the cylinders, requiring a high-pitched boiler. This combined with a short chimney to keep the locomotive with the Metropolitan loading gauge, gave the N2s a powerful appearance. Sixty locomotives were built between 1920 and 1921, and these were followed by forty-seven Group Standard N2s between 1925 and 1929. Although initially built for suburban services in the Kings Cross area, later locomotives were built for similar services around Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee

  • Silver Soldered Copper Boiler.
  • Scale Sand Pipes
  • Fine Scale back ,
  • Removable rear cab bunker.
  • Detachable roof section
  • Working leaf springs with drop arm links.
  • Vacuum brakes,
  • Rear water tank connected to the side tanks
  • Rear water tank supplies water to steam injectors
  • Big end Straps with cotters.
  • Hydrostatic oil lubrication



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Reference:Don Youngs N2 Tank
Model Number:SD50
Year Built:2000
Gauge:5 inch gauge
Boiler Certificate:yes
Steam Test:12 months
Hydraulic Test:2 yeras
Locomotive Length:42 "
Transport Box:yes
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