5 Inch Gauge K4 3 cylinder locomotive Micheal Breeze Design (Sir Mac Cailin MoR )

5 Inch Gauge K4 3 cylinder locomotive Micheal Breeze Design (Sir Mac Cailin MoR )

Ref: 5 Inch gauge K4 class

The new K4, No. 3441 Loch Long entered service on 28th January 1937 and was virtually identical to the July 1936 outline. The final factor of adhesion was 3.94 due to a slightly heavier locomotive weight, adhesive weight, and axle loading. The new locomotive quickly showed itself capable of hauling 300 ton loads to Fort William without assistance, but the boiler pressure was increased to 200psi in June 1937 to enhance uphill speeds. This resulted in a tractive effort of 36,599 lb, with a corresponding reduction in the factor of adhesion to 3.54.

Five more K4s were ordered on 16th February 1938, and these entered service between July 1938 and January 1939. Due to their design being specifically for a line with very specialised requirements, no further K4s were built.

In 1945, Thompson rebuilt No. 3445 as a two cylinder prototype for his new K1 class. 

Initially the K4s were mainly used on the Glasgow to Fort William stretch of the West Highland line. They handled the gradients and continuous curves with ease, but they were not designed for the 20 miles of level track near Glasgow, and the 8.5 miles stretch alongside Loch Eil. Vibration at speed was a problem on these stretches, and the middle big-end would require regular nut tightening. On one occasion, the middle connecting rod actually dropped off! Hence maintenance costs increased. The V4s with their slightly larger wheels were more popular with the enginemen but were lacking in power. Eventually the Thompson B1s appeared on the Glasgow to Fort William services from 1947, displacing the K4s to the Mallaig stretch. The new Thompson/Peppercorn K1s appeared in 1949 and were preferable due to their lack of a troublesome middle big-end. After Nationalisation, LMS 'Black 5' 4-6-0s were also moved to the line. From this point onwards, the K4s were concentrated at Eastfield and intended for use on West Highland goods trains only

5 Inch Gauge 3 cylinder  K4 Micheal Breeze design unique and popular locomotives not many have been but in this gauge. 

This engine was built by a professional engine Mr Ernie Everett 1989 very highy recommended at the Campbell Cup midland federation of model makers society  and won the cup first prize 2004, over a period of 4 years , using Micheal Breeze drawings and castings. Extensive use was made of drawings and photographs taken from the full size engine.

  • Radiant Superheaters twin row silver soldered copper boiler 
  • Piston valve cylinders with condegated  valve gear 
  • cab-operated drain cocks. Painted and lined out in Apple Green
  • whistle
  • Mechanical Oil lubricator rear of the loco  x 3 one position rear cab 
  • Mechanical Drain Cocks.
  • Tender Hand Pump
  • 3 cylinder 
  • Two  axle pump
  • Steam injector 
  • Tender Hand Pump 
  • Electric lights 
  • Steam brakes
  • Tender brakes 
  • Riding truck included



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Reference:5 Inch gauge K4 class
Model Number:SD.10
Year Built:2003
Gauge:5 Inch gauge
Boiler Certificate:4 years
Steam Test:12
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