5 Inch Gauge GWR Armstrong Goods Locomotive

5 Inch Gauge GWR Armstrong Goods Locomotive

Ref: 0-6-0 Armstrong

Beautiful 5 Inch Gauge Armstrong Goods locomotive scratch built small but powerful loco , Exceptional loco runs very easy not difficult to drive and includes Transport boxes , locomotive Instructions.

The regulator is a screw type all stainless constructed including steam tube , it is all steam tight using o-rings so no maintenance is required ! Carbon filled PTFE valve on the stop.

The by-pass is double thread, loco runs without Injector axle pump very efficient. 

Stainless steel deflector inside the fire box which can be changed quite. Easily because it's fitted with a hollow Bush in the back of the fire box throat plate, considerable difference for making steam .

  • Professional Boiler 
  • Axle pump 
  • By-pass valve 
  • Steam INJECTOR 
  • Tender hand pump 
  • Stainless steel throat plate 
  • Loco hand brake 
  • Tender hand brake 
  • Mechanical drain cocks 
  • Mechanical oil pump 
  • Quadrant pole  reverser 
  • Whistle 


Reference:0-6-0 Armstrong
Year Built:2014
Gauge:5 inch gauge
Boiler Certificate:Yes northern fed 2 years
Steam Test:Yes
Hydraulic Test:2 years
Weight:70 kg
Transport Box:Yes
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