5 Inch Gauge B17 "Footballers Class"

5 Inch Gauge B17 "Footballers Class"

Ref: 3 Cylinder B17

Scratch built 5 Inch Gauge B17 3 Cylinder built to the Micheal Breeze Design , built over 20 years and the workmanship is top Class running Chassis, No Boiler. Exceptional locomotive the pictures speak for themselves.

The first ten by the North British Locomotive Company were designated B17, later B17/1. The second and third batches had boilers supplied by Armstrong Whitworth and different springing and became B17/2. The next two batches had different springing and were designated B17/3. However, as the locomotives passed through the works the original springs were replaced by those of the later design and in 1937 the three sub-classes were merged into B17/1. The final Darlington batch introduced in 1936, and those built by Robert Stephenson and Company had 4,200-imperial-gallon (19,000 l; 5,000 US gal), 7.5-long-ton (7.6 t) tenders and were intended for use in the North Eastern area of the LNER: these were designated B17/4.[6]

In September 1937 two locomotives (Nos. 2859 Norwich City and 2870 Tottenham Hotspur were streamlined in the manner of the LNER Class A4s, renamed East Anglian and City of London and intended for use on the East Anglian train. They were designated B17/5. However, the streamlining was cladding for publicity purposes only and had little effect on the overall speed of the locomotive. By 1951 both engines had been stripped of the streamlining altogether.[7]

Between 1943 and 1957 most of the surviving members of the class were rebuilt with a LNER 100A boiler with increased pressure and were designated B17/6.






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Reference: 3 Cylinder B17
Model Number:SD.11
Year Built:1998
Gauge:5 inch gauge
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