5 Inch Gauge 9f Evening Star locomotive

5 Inch Gauge 9f Evening Star locomotive

Ref: 9f evening star.

Scratch Built Evening Star locomotive built from works drawings, the locomotive built Engineer uisng his own researches and made his own patterns wheels, cylinders, built over 4 years, the locomotive steam only a few times Mainly used as a  display locomotive.

Built with the following

  • Professional Silver Copper Boiler (Priory Boilers) Combustion Chamber
  • Super heaters
  • Details Cab
  • Working dampers,
  • steam brakes,
  • scale bogie
  • Lamp Irons,
  • Mechanical Oil lubricators x 2 running boards.
  • twin Steam Injectors
  • Tender Water Scoop
  • Tender Hand Pump
  • Tender Water Filters as full size
  • Rolling axle Bearings.


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Reference:9f evening star.
Model Number:sd.03.a
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