5 INCH GAUGE 2-6-2 V2 BR (Green Howard)

5 INCH GAUGE 2-6-2 V2 BR (Green Howard)

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Scratch Built 5 Inch gauge V2 (Green Howard) built 2013, lovley model nice powerful locomotive.   Built with 3 cylinders, Silver Soldered Copper boiler, axle pump, injector, Tender Hand Pump, One Sight Gauge , mechanical Twin Lubricators, Blower,


The V2s were the only major class of 2-6-2 tender locomotives used in Britain. Whilst 2-6-2T tank locomotives were common in the UK, the only other 2-6-2 tender locomotives were the unsuccessful experimental Midland Railway Paget locomotive of 1908, and the two examples of Gresley's LNER Class V4 of 1941. The wheel arrangement allowed the fitting of a large firebox uninhibited by the rear driving wheel, and the front pony truck improved stability at high speeds.

The V2 was derived from the Class A1/A3 pacifics with smaller driving wheels (of 6 ft 2 in or 1.880 m compared to 6 ft 8 in or 2.032 m) and a shortened boiler. It retained Gresley's favoured 3-cylinder arrangement. Unusually all 3 cylinders were part of a single 'monobloc' casting.

184 locomotives were built in 14 batches between 1936 and 1944 at Doncaster and Darlington Works, construction continuing through the Second World War as they proved their usefulness. A further four locomotives, ordered as V2s, were redesigned by Gresley's successor Edward Thompson and completed as Pacifics (LNER Thompson Class A2/1).

The V2 was a versatile locomotive, capable of hauling fast fitted freights and express passenger trains. Their relatively heavy 22 ton axle load meant their use was restricted to around 40% of the LNER's route miles. For example, they were barred from all of the former Great Eastern Railway main lines. Gresley recognised that a lighter mixed-traffic locomotive was required, and the V4 class was designed to this end. However, it was to be the versatile LNER Thompson Class B1 4-6-0 which


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Year Built:2013
Steam Test:12 MONTHS
Hydraulic Test:3 YEARS
Locomotive Length:42 "
Tender Length:24"
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