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3 1/2 Inch Gauge (William) Martyn Evans

3 1/2 inch gauge (William) Martyn Evans locomotive, stripped down to be repainted.

Axle Pump, hand Pump, steam Injector, previous boiler history. only needs repainitng all components in boxes.

Reference: 3 1/2 inch gauge William
Price: £1,850

5 Inch Gauge A3 Flying Scotsman

5 Inch Gauge A3 Flying Scotsman built to the Clarkson design , slide valves

Great engine , prestige loco.


Reference: 5 inch gauge a3 flying scotsman
Price: POA

5 Inch Gauge GWR Armstrong Goods Locomotive

Beautiful 5 Inch Gauge Armstrong Goods locomotive scratch built small but powerful loco , Exceptional loco runs very easy not difficult to drive and includes Transport boxes , locomotive Instructions.

The regulator is a screw type all stainless constructed including steam tube , it is all steam tight using o-rings so no maintenance is required ! Carbon filled PTFE valve on the stop.

Reference: 0-6-0 Armstrong
Price: £10,500

5 Inch Gauge Doug Hewson Y4 Dock Tank

5 Inch Gauge Doug Hewson Y4 Dock Tank engine, includes drawings.

  • Professional boiler
  • super heaters
  • rolling chassis
  • cylinders machined with pistons 
  • Some valve gear machined 
  • Chassis brakes assemble operating 

Reference: 5 Inch gauge y4 dock tank
Price: £2,250

3 1/2 Inch Gauge Virgina (LBSC)

3 1/2 Inch Gauge Virgina (LBSC) 4-4-0 locomotive, built to a very good standard, 

  • Tender Hand Pump
  • Axle pump
  • Steam injector
  • silver solder copper boiler
  • workig head lamp
  • by pass valve
  • Boiler ticket in date

Reference: 3 1/2 inch gauge Virgina
Price: £2,350

5 Inch Gauge Britannia (New Commision Built)

Scratch Built Britannia New Built  on Commssion (Cherry Model Engineering) Engineered built remarkable locomotive only steamed a few times , recently inspected and serviced and steam test , exceptional loco and nice detail cab with additional dummy guages, with Cannon axle boxes, working leaf springs, steam brakes, paint work exceptional.

Reference: 5 Inch gauge Britannia
Price: POA

5 inch Gauge Gwr 43 xx Priarie tank engine

5 inch Gauge Priarie Tank Engine (Martyn Evans Design)

Tank engine stripped down to be repainted all components all labelled and boxed 

Regular club running engine 

Drawings included and all previous current boiler tickets 

PROFESSIONAL Reg Chambers Silver soldered copper boiler 

Axle pump 

Hand pump 

Reference: 5 Inch gauge Priarie
Price: £3,500

3 1/2 Inch Gauge Heilan lassie

3 1/2 inch gauge heilan lassie locomotive

Heilan Lassie Pacific 3 1/2 Inch gauge locomotive nicely built with added detail painted in Caldonian Blue.

The loco stripped down to be painted in BR Green sadly the previous owner passed away , great project to buikd this loco back up  to its running form. All components boxed. Chassis runs very nice on air.#



Reference: 3 1/2 INCH gauge Hielan Lassie
Price: £1,600