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5 Inch Gauge Sweet Pea


An exceptional "Sweet Pea", built by a fine engineer,  Completed in 2002, the engine has been steamed

Silver-soldered copper boiler, twin superheaters, feed by axle pump and injector with auxiliary hand pump beneath cab. 

Reference: 5 inch gauge Seet pea
Price: £5,350

5 INCH GAUGE IVATT Atlantic 4-4-2 Locomotive


Reference: 5 Inch gauge Atlantic
Price: £6,750

5 Inch Gauge Washington (Cannonball) 4-4-0

5 Inch Gauge Washington (Cannonball) 4-4-0 Rogers American locomotive in 5" gauge. A super detailed model design from Reeves Technical Department by David Piddington for both 5" and 4 3/4" gauges. From original 1872 drawings. Described in ME Vol 166.

Runs excellent got all the usual detailed characteristics of this type of locomotive,  comes with Carrying cases.

Reference: 4.4-0 Washington Locomotive
Price: POA

3 1/2 Inch Gauge Britannia.

3 1/2 Inch Gauge Britannia locomotive, LBSC dsign. EX works gorgious model in the workshop being serviced, details and pictures be listed very soon, please email for details.. Very detailed locomotive.



Reference: 3 1/2 inch gauge Britannia
Price: £4,650

5 Inch gauge Firefly (Prairie) GWR Tank engine

Firefly GWR Tank Engine Designed by Martyn Evans, built by a Member from the Dublin MES , 80 percent complete good ideal club running engine.

  • Professional Copper Boiler (GB)
  • running Chassis
  • Pony trucks complete.
  • cab and Water tanks.
  • Smoke box and chimney
  • safety dome casting.
  • drawings 

Reference: 5 inch gauge Firefly Praire tank
Price: £4,250

3 1/2 Inch gauge Juliet Tank Engine (Verson 2)

A nicely made "Juliet" 0-4-0, LBSC's small shunting engine, somewhat overshadowed by its smaller sister "Tich" which appeared a couple of years later and seemed to fire every beginner's urge to make a steam engine . Designed by LBSC Version 2 model with Baker valve gear, built by engineer from the West Midlands club and comes with Professional Boiler. 

Reference: 3 1/2 inch gauge Juliet
Price: £1,250

5 inch gauge Riding truck

Flat wagon for ground or raised level . Fit  three passengers  , trucked braked. Double bogies .


Reference: 5 inch gauge track
Price: £350

5 inch gauge Simplex Tank engine

5 Inch gauge Simplex, new Professional Copper GB boiler ., ideal for club running. all this engine requires is painting and the Axle pump to be connection. Hand pump and steam injector operational. 

Reference: 5 inch gauge Simplex
Price: £2,750