You can view a list of our model locomotives and related items below. If you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to call us.

5 inch Gauge Butch Kenions Design

Nicely built 5 Inch gauge Butch, proven ideal Club engine nice size engine to transport and capable to pull heavy loads.

Reference: 5 Inch gauge Butch
Price: £3,500

scale radio contorl Bismark Scratch built

Scratch built Bismark with base and perspex cover. six feet long.


  • Radio Control
  • ballast weights,
  • smoke generator.
  • Electric motors
  • hand held controller.
  • two years to build.

Reference: scratch built Bismark
Price: £1,150

7 1/4 GWR Midge

7 1/4 Inch Gauge GWR Midge Tank Engine

This is a 7 1/4 inch Gauge tank locomotive built to George Gentry's "Midge" design, originally published in the 1930s for a compact, powerful engine suitable for garden railways - it was rated as capable of pulling 12 passengers and, with a 9 3/4 inch wheelbase, would negotiate tight curves

Reference: 7 1/4 GWR Midge
Price: £950

5 Inch Gauge 2-8-0 Gresley

5 Inch Gauge 2-8-0 Gresley (Martyn Evans Design)

Tender , Chassis

  • Tender
  • Tender Hand Pump
  • vavle gear machined.
  • Castings
  • cylinders, manchined.
  • Smoke box
  • Rolling chassis
  • Chassis, includes smoke box saddle, wheels,
  • Pony truck
  • Drawings.

Reference: 5 Inch Gauge 2-8-0 Gresley
Price: £700

7 1/4 inch gauge marie Estelle

7 1/4 Inch Gauge Marie Estelle Castings and Boiler

7 1/4 Inch Gaue marie Estelle.


Reference: 7 1/4 inch gaue Marie
Price: £1,350

3 1/2 inch gauge Britannia

3 1/2 Inch Gauge Britannia.

3 1/2 Inch Gauge Britannia locomotive, LBSC dsign. EX works gorgious model in the workshop being serviced, details and pictures be listed very soon, please email for details.. Very detailed locomotive.



Reference: 3 1/2 inch gauge Britannia
Price: £4,650

3 " Inch Gauge Atkinson steam lorry Copper Boiler

Professional copper silver boiler built by AA Farmer exceptional boiler maker and engineer . ideal for any 3 " scale wagon of any type, new and even be used for staionary engine.


Ex new 

Reference: 3 " Inch Atkinson Copper Boiler
Price: £1,150

N.E Ride on scale Wagon

New Ride on Wigaon never used, includes transport box with Water Container manual Brakes and Foot Pegs,

Reference: N.E Ride on Wagon truck
Price: £985